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Lauren Zander

With irreverence, a passion for the truth and paint, Lauren Zander, a life coach, author and artist, is out to change the planet, one human, one accessory at a time: from your soul to your soles. Lauren is happily married, has three children and currently resides in Westchester, NY 


Artist's Statement

My painting obsession began at a dinner with family and friends. The question going around the table that night was, “If you had to do something eight hours a day for eight weeks straight, what would you do?” and I picked painting; I wasn’t even an artist at the time! Afterwards, the night before I was scheduled to spend a day with my good friend, abstract painter Linda Colletta, I had a really crazy dream that I now refer to as a vision. I saw one of my paintings and the unique style of the dots. I’ve only had a few dreams in my lifetime that were very significant to me–– and this vision I had, it was one of those.

I have been painting those dots ever since and I still have my first painting. At first I couldn’t believe I was any good, but it was so much fun to make gifts for people I loved and I also discovered that the more I made paintings for a particular person, the more unique each painting became in color and in the connection of the dots. I was starting to channel the connection I had with the person while I was painting. Whether the fact that I channel and connect the dots to people as I think of them sounds normal or not––it’s utterly clear to me. Seven years later, painting still blows my mind and rocks my heart; it feels like a way to change the world.

My thoughts are incorporated into every dot and whatever I’m thinking about (the world, politics, my clients) is infused into the painting and takes me on a ride. It is my meditative state. No matter what my head says, no matter what my inner dialogue says, my ability to keep dotting continues. It’s a love affair–– much like how I am in love with my husband, my company, my friends, and my children, I’m now in love with painting. When I wake up in the morning I check what time it is to see if I can start painting yet. That’s how fun and important it is for me.